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Fetish and sex, ways to satisfy in details

In the modern world love to things for many quite normal phenomena. However, when this feeling becomes all-consuming and the person makes of usual material things for himself an idol whether it is worth becoming thoughtful normally it. We suggest to find out what is a fetish.

What does the fetish mean?

Not all know about a word meaning a fetish. It comes from Portuguese “feitico” that in translation means “accessories to Catholic use”. Among such things – relics of Saints, magic beads and other religious mascots. Later time this word began to call also other unusual material objects – tree pieces, stones, pots, claws, feathers and grains.

Later this term already in the form of “fetiche” and “fetich” accustomed to French, English and other European languages. Nowadays in translation from French this word is meant “by an idol, a mascot”. Comte expanded it and called by it animistic view of primitive people on material objects and a primitive cult in general. And now there are a lot of scientists to such concept as the fetishism is referred by a cult of animals, phenomena of the nature and plants.

Fetishism in philosophy

Often men suffer from fetishism. However, there are cases when also women are attracted by any things. To understand that the person really has problems, it is important to know signs of fetishism:

  1. Not absolutely usual obsessions which interfere with normal sexual intercourse. An example the sexual relations in one pose and only after alcohol intake can be constant.
  2. The person suffering from such dependence is not capable to try different ways of satisfaction as already a habit everything to connect network with any rituals. Because of such frustration fetishists are not capable to derive pleasure from sex in full.
  3. Patients can make any actions relatively to lifeless objects which are followed by erotic imaginations.
  4. Later time the role of an object of adoration becomes even more significant, and its presence – the main condition for receiving satisfaction.
  5. Interest in role-playing games.

Fetish – psychology

The famous Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud began to investigate fetishism in 1927. According to him, it is a deviation from the initial sexual direction. He is sure that fetishism – result of certain traumatic events which could take place in childhood, and appeared in consciousness. This state is capable to develop when the person does not realize own sexual identity, or gives preference to the wrong sexual role.

At suffering from fetishism in the past there could be relations with mother, close to an incest. At all such people perceived the father as not deserving attention of the person. According to Freud, there could be one more cause of an illness – neglect to the child from the dearest person – mothers. The psychoanalyst claimed that it is not always possible to call fetishism a deviation from normal behavior.

Fetishism – religion

It is accepted to mark out also religious fetishism. Understand religious worship of inanimate material objects to which various supernatural properties can be attributed that became popular at the most ancient tribes as it. This direction takes place and today. Worship of relics in the Buddhism and honoring of the Black stone in Islam can be an example.

In the modern world there are many fetishes in the form of different amulets and charms. Magic properties and ability to bring to the person good luck, to protect from misfortunes are often attributed to such objects. This mascot is designed to preserve the owner against misfortunes. Often a part something big – a stone from the special esteemed mountain, a piece of a sacred tree or the drawing of a sacred animal could become such subject of adoration.

Fetishism and totemism

Still our ancestors knew that call a fetish, idolizing different objects and trusting in their supernatural forces. Everything that was connected with a significant event in human life could become such special subject or just blew his mind.

Manifestation of fetishism can be observed in adoration:

  •     stones of an unusual form;
  •     piece of a tree;
  •     parts of a body of an animal;
  •     figures from a stone, metal and a tree.

Sometimes happened so that as a fetish there could be a casual subject. If its owner was accompanied by good luck, then was considered that this subject is allocated with magic force. In need of it could replace with another. Some people had custom according to which fetishes it was necessary, both to thank, and to punish. Became a fetish and speak rapidly something bigger. It could be the piece of a sacred tree or the drawing with the esteemed animal.

What is a fetish in sex?

Such concept as a sexual fetish meets not and is rare. Often for supporters of fetishism object of excitement is:

  •     women’s underwear;
  •     shoes on a high heel;
  •     furs;
  •     gloves;
  •     female objects of a toilet.

Adoration subject – an important condition for sexual excitement, but not the usual aspiration to make sexual life various. Many admirers of the direction kiss or consider a fetish till that time, will not reach excitement yet. At the same time sexual intercourse can happen to any owner of this thing, regardless of its personal qualities.

What does the fetishist mean?

Sometimes it is not absolutely clear to people around and the person when something it is possible to call hobby norm and when pathology which demands the help of experts. Certain things can attract many of us and have exciting effect. However, pathology it is possible to call a situation when the person is not interested in personal qualities of the partner, and clothes or other objects (fetishes) attract only him. That is a fetishism object for such people is predominating and is of special interest.

Fetishism reasoning

Nobody will begin to argue with the fact that a fetish and strangenesses the interconnected things. However, such behavior has roots. Among the causes of fetishism:

  •     sexual frustration;
  •     emotional and personal violations;
  •     association of this or that subject and sexual excitement in the childhood;
  •     fear of the real sexual relations with the partner.

In the future the person can use an image and a smell of a subject, or tactile feelings with the purpose to reach excitement. Fetishism reasons till today not studied. Almost each person has a certain incentive to which it can strongly react. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that almost all people are born with predisposition to fetishism.

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What kind of fetishes happen?

There are different types of sexual fetishes:

  •     articles of clothing;
  •     parts of a human body;
  •     objects and animals;
  •     features of behavior, appearance and gait.

Often as such fetish there are objects which concern persons of an opposite sex. Quite often adored fetishes for men happen:

  •     underwear;
  •     stockings;
  •     tights;
  •     bras;
  •     footwear;
  •     uniform.

Such types of fetishism have the admirers who often wear clothes of an opposite sex. Here the fetishistic transsexualism takes place. In the land of the rising sun the fetishism turned into one of types of earnings where sell worn unwashed lingerie. Know what is a fetish and fans of certain parts of a body:

  •     hair;
  •     mammary glands;
  •     foot;
  •     legs.

How to live with the fetishist?

When in married couple there is a fetishist, sometimes it indeed becomes a serious problem for spouses. Quite often in private life on this soil there can be quarrels that as a result at all can lead to a rupture of the relations. More often the love to objects and things is observed at men. Strange fetishes among which there is also unwashed lingerie can shock the soulmate. If living with the fetishist not really the fetishism disturbs him, it is possible to leave everything as it is but and if the situation becomes a problem for couple, it is worth addressing the sexologist or the psychotherapist.

How to get rid of a fetish?

If also your couple had to learn what is a fetish, try to get rid of this problem nevertheless. One of the most effective ways of treatment is aversion therapy. This method is more rigid, than fetishism psychotherapy, but with its help desirable results can be achieved much quicker. Here treatment of fetishism is done by the following method – to the patient who is attracted by any subject, show it and at the same time his body is affected by electric discharge. Or as drugs which make sick give option.


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